Hope Conference 2020
Parkinson Association of Alberta

Participants are welcome to attend our conference for the full day or visit the live event at a specific time or for a specific topic of interest. We will be sure to remind you of our event the day prior, along with the link to join Hope Conference. Please visit this site on Saturday, November 28 to attend Parkinson Association of Alberta’s Hope Conference.

Time Presenter Information
10:00 AM Opening Remarks – Brain Canada CEO, Viviane Poupon
10:10 AM Dr. Janelle Drouin-Ouellet, presented by Brain Canada
11:00 AM Bayshore Home Health on Private Health Care Opportunities
11:30 AM Dr. Ali Hamedani, Presented by Parkinson Association of Alberta
12:30 AM Break -- Relaxation through Tapping video
1:00 PM Dr. Edward A. Fon, Presented by Parkinson Canada
2:00 PM Les Postnikoff, Mindset Mentor
2:55 PM Closing Remarks, Lana Tordoff, PAA CEO

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DISCLAIMER: All information featured by Hope Conference speakers is furnished strictly for educational and entertainment purposes only. This service is not intended to be diagnostic, prescriptive, or replace the relationship, advice, and/or care of your physician. General questions about symptoms, treatments, available medications, complementary and alternative health care therapies, and current research, will be fielded.